Vision. Lighting. Composition.

A photography studio focused on stories.


Our Studio

Our West Loop studio is located in the heart of Chicago’s hottest restaurants and just a few blocks away from downtown Chicago. 

With a large commercial kitchen and the ability to shoot 4-6 sets simultaneously with two food styling teams, our studio is one of the most efficient in United States. Within view of the set, we have a comfortable workspace, a private, noise-sensitive conference room and high speed WiFi. We also offer remote viewing for anyone not able to join us on set. 


About Jeff

Jeff Kauck’s award-winning food and still life photography has been gracing the pages of national advertising, magazines, cookbooks and packaging for over twenty years. His original training as a water colorist is reflected in his lighting style and sense of composition.

Known to create a story for every concept he shoots, Jeff’s clients choose him as a core partner to bring the experience of their brand to life. Whether it’s the time of day that their product is consumed or the feeling that their product evokes, Jeff loves to collaboratively bring his clients’ vision to life.

Color & Printing

We pride ourselves in the accuracy of our color and printing. The precision and attention to detail that you see on set is the same precision you’ll find in our files.

Unless instructed otherwise, we build all files and prints to SWOP color standards, provide color guide prints on all shoots and work with your color separators to provide the most color-precise files. 


Our clients

Over the past 30 years we have worked with some of the
most prestigious brands in the world.